Spider Monkey BJJ Gi

$ 109.99

  • Manufactured to IBJJF specification
  • 450-gram Lightweight Pearl Weave
  • Ultra-Strong Fabric Collar with Vulcanized Rubber Interior
  • 100% Cotton Twill Pants
  • Constructed with Reinforced Knees
  • Corded-Drawstring
  • Double-Reinforcements At All Stress Points
  • Embroidery And Woven Patches
  • Click On The Purchase Page To Check For Your Size
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The Century Spider Monkey BJJ Gi has features for beginners and experts alike. Manufactured to IBJJF specification, this lightweight Gi is thinner, more breathable and more comfortable to move around in than the thicker style Gis, and is ideal for training in warmer temperatures.

The Century Spider Monkey Gi fabric may be a little more comfortable for your opponents to grab and hold on to, but ultimately provides an excellent option for a less bulky but yet cooler Gi. This Spider Monkey Gi Jacket includes a 450-gram lightweight Pearl Weave with an ultra-strong fabric collar that features vulcanized rubber interior for durability. This Pearl Weave fabric is a type of single weave material that is available in a variety of weight classes. This Pearl Weave technique produces a raised texture resembling tiny woven pearls, making grips harder to maintain for your opponents.

The Spider Monkey Gi has a 100% Cotton Twill Pants that are constructed with reinforced knees for added toughness and comfort. The Spider Monkey Gi pants also have a Corded drawstring for a tight fit to the waist and a two loop closure system.”Note if you prefer a 4-way closure system, you can always add an extra two loops yourself, or you can take it to your local Sewing Shop and have them do it for you.” The Spider Monkey Gi has double-reinforcements at all stress points throughout the Gi and Pants, plus subtle embroidery and woven patches. Each Gi comes with a branded Gi bag for transportation and storage.

Century has a great return Policies and an excellent product warranty. I would highly recommend looking over these and filling in the boxes if you do purchase this product so that you can get the most out of your money. The links are found below. You can also find the shipping info here as well.

Century Return Policies And Services             Century Warranty/Product Registration

Washing / Drying Your Century Spider Monkey Gi

Always wash your Century Spider Monkey Gi at 30-40 degrees centigrade. Washing at a higher temperature can not only cause excessive shrinking but can also wrap the collar of the jacket. Washing and drying at high temperatures can cause the collar to warp out of shape.

Always wash your Century Spider Monkey Gi inside out, this prevents other clothes or indeed the Gi itself from rubbing the fabric. Particularly in colored Gi’s this will help to keep the Gi’s correct color for longer.

DRYING – Under no circumstance should you place your Century Spider Monkey Gi in a tumble dryer, this will cause high levels of shrinkage and will stress all areas of the Gi causing it to lose shape (see above section on washing at high temperatures)

Always allow your Century Spider Monkey Gi to dry naturally do not let it dry at any high temperatures, i.e., radiators, towel rails. A method We recommend is to place the Gi’s on a clothes hanger and position it about 1 meter from a radiator. This Method allows the warm air to circulate and dry the Gi, without the excessive temperature.

If you have the option, outdoor dry is preferable to an indoor dry. This method is faster in the summertime, and the sun will likely contribute to killing bacteria/germs on the Gi. For more info “sun’s effect on bacteria.“

IRONING – If you are one of the people who likes to iron their Gi’s, please iron inside and not over any of the patches. Even though the patches on the Century Spider Monkey Gi are woven in, they can sometimes stick to the bottom of the iron.

SHRINKAGE – By nature, all BJJ Gi’s will shrink slightly (no matter what some brands might say!). Cotton is a material that will absorb water heavily when washed. When the Gi is thoroughly dried, the material will shrink back and condense down to its tightest form.

If the Gi is dried quickly at a high temperature, the water evaporates from the material quicker, and the cotton condenses or shrinks more. That is why when washing and drying you should do so at the lowest temperature possible.

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